Blog Post - 05 - 23 - 2015

Bodily Injury Coverage

By - Sean C. Barber - Attorney at Law

In Florida you are not required to have bodily injury coverage as part of your automobile policy.  Unfortunately, if you don't have the coverage you may be responsible for bodily injury if you negligently operate a motorvehicle.  I assisted a client resolving a case where he was responsible personally for bodily injury damage he caused.  He agreed to make payments to the injured party.  Avoid this outcome - make sure you have bodily injury coverage!


Blog Post 03-21-15


By: Sean C. Barber - Attorney At Law

Remember, don't drink and drive.  Have a safe spring break!!!

Blog Post 03-13-15

Personal Injury Claims

By: Sean C. Barber - Attorney At Law

Great week for two clients, settled two cases for policy limits.  Both cases involved aggravation of pre-existing conditions.  Remember a pre-existing conditon may be asymptomatic but can be aggravated by a trauma event to the affected area. 

Blog Post 01-19-15

Martin Luther King Day

By: Sean C. Barber - Attorney At Law

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the struggle for Civil Rights.  May we never forget!!!

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